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    A dying rural congregation describes its journey with Asian refugees that leads to a new lease on congregational life.

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      Barn Tour; Gira de Ranchos

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      Music in the Orchard; Música en el Huerto

      June 24 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Latest News & Articles

A Brief Summary of the State of the Conference Address

By L. Keith Weaver In this season of Lent, we posture ourselves in prayerful repentance, remind ourselves of the passion of our Lord and seek to say “no” to ourselves in order to say a greater “yes” to Jesus. Whatever the state of the conference, we maintain a humble dependence on the grace and mercy of God. It is only in Jesus that the new… Read More

Dwelling in the Word Text for 2017

For the past number of years, the Lancaster Mennonite Conference has chosen a Dwelling in the Word text. The practice has been to allow the text to form and shape us as individuals and as a conference. The Gospel of John, chapter 21 has been affirmed as the Dwelling in the Word text for 2017. Click on the links below to orient yourself about the… Read More

Conference-Wide Data Collection

Since 2007 Lancaster Mennonite Conference has been asking questions about the state of its congregations, and particularly about the health of congregational ministries and mission activities. The impetus for this kind of “data dashboard” reflection came from Moderator Keith Weaver nearly a decade ago, who often noted that we “pay most attention to those things that we measure.” The goal of the data dashboard was… Read More