Pastoral Openings

Openings below are organized by district. To make an inquiry, please contact the contact person(s) listed with each posting.

Eastern Ohio District

  • First Mennonite, Berne

    Location: Berne, IN
    Need: Minister of Visitation
    Support Level: 3/4
    Date of Opening: August 1, 2017
    Congregation Size: 400-450
    Congregation Type: Small Town

    Contact: Jeff Linthicum

  • Moorhead Mennonite

    Location: Shreve, OH
    Need: Lead Pastor
    Support Level: 50%
    Date of Opening: January 1, 2017
    Congregation Size: 30
    Congregation Type: Rural

    Contact: Jenny Hofstetter

Lancaster District

  • Crossroads Mennonite

    Location: Lancaster, PA
    Need: Lead Pastor
    Support Level: .5 to Full-time
    Date of Opening: May 2017
    Congregation Size: 75
    Congregation Type: Urban

    Contact: Richard Buckwalter

LanChester District

Landisville-Manor District

  • Vision Columbia

    Location: Columbia, PA
    Need: Church Planter
    Support Level: TBA
    Date of Opening: Sep 2016
    Congregation Size: 20
    Congregation Type: Church Plant

    Contact: Keith Blank

Mellinger District

  • First Deaf Mennonite

    Location: Lancaster, PA
    Need: Lead Pastor
    Support Level: 1/3-1/2
    Date of Opening: Immediate
    Congregation Size: 40
    Congregation Type: Suburban

    Contact: Nelson Martin